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Data Recovery in Milton Keynes

We are able to have your data recovered from all types of storage media

Data recovery services catering for both domestic and commercial customers. We have partnered with one of the UK’s leading data recovery lab’s and are able to offer very competitive. Recovery available for all types of storage media.

What is data recovery?

Data recovery is the process of recovering data from damaged, corrupt and inaccessible data storage media such as USB Flash Drives, SD Cards, Compact Flash, CD’s, DVD’s, Hard Drives (IDE, SATA, SAS etc)

Not all data recovery cases are the same, sometimes your data can be recovered without the need to send the storage media off to a lab.

The most common and usually the easiest data recovery scenario is when the operating system of a computer fails to boot. This can be common on windows based systems which may have loaded faulty or incorrect device drivers or be infected with Malware.

Other data recovery scenarios could be as a result of accidentally deleting a file, corrupt partition information or a hard drive with multiple bad sectors.

What do I need to do?

Firstly if you have a situation where you need data recovered stop using this storage media immediately. The more you access and write to the media the harder and less likely our data recovery efforts will be. You should take note of what data you have lost, what was the file type? e.g word or excel documents, also note when you were last able to access this data.

Once you have the above information get in touch with us as soon as possible. The sooner we get the storage media the sooner we are able to start our data recovery process.

How is data recovered?

Before we even attempt recovery of your data we will dump an entire image of the storage media which avoids bad blocks. You may be asking why do we do this? Basically by creating an image of the storage media we are avoiding unnecessary write actions which could potentially overwrite the data we are trying to recover.

Once we have an image of the storage media we will then start by using our data recovery toolkit to analyse and look for data patterns. This process can take a very long time depending on how badly damaged the storage media is. We build up a log of file signatures and their locations on the media. When the analysis is complete we can then restore specific file types to our secure customer data storage area. Please note it is not possible to guarantee complete data recovery, if the important files we are trying to recover have been over written or corrupted then the file may be lost for ever but we will do our best to ensure we can recover the data successfully.

How do you provide me with the recovered data?

We are able to provide your recovered data in a number of ways, the most secure method would be to supply (at cost) a brand new storage media of sufficient size and copy the recovered data on to here. Also we are able to copy the data into a secure AES 256bit encrypted archive and then copy this to our secure download server for you to download, we then will telephone you and verify your identity before providing the key to unlock this archive.

What about my stored data, can you destroy it?

Once we have provided your data and are sure that you are happy with the recovery, we will then forensically wipe any storage media we used during the recovery process. This involves a 7 pass wipe of random data to the entire media, this will be followed by a final wipe of zero’s to put the disk into an as new out the factory condition. This forensic wipe is in line with what is used by governments worldwide for data destruction. If however you would like to supply your own media this is no problem also.