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Computer and Laptop Repair

Repairs for all makes and models of desktop and laptop computers

Milton Keynes Computers are able to take on all types of computer repair, this could be simply be virus removal, re-installation of the operating system or maybe something more technical like a laptop screen replacement or laptop DC / power jack replacement.

We can even collect your faulty computer or laptop and drop it back off once repaired, on top of this we will provide you with a courtesy laptop while fixing yours. All of our courtesy laptops have a minimum of Windows 7 and 2GB of RAM.

Contact us by calling 01908 465118 or email us via our secure contact form to book a repair

Services we offer

Operating system re-installation

Sometimes it can be necessary to re-install the computer operating system, this is especially true on Windows based computers. Maybe the computer is heavily infected with malware and a re-install is the only way to guarantee total eradication of any digital nasties. Or possibly the computer has previous had lots of software installed which has now been “removed”. It is very common once software has been removed for elements of it to still exist such as registry keys, temporary files or even other components not directly related to the software that was previously install such as programming frameworks. This is not at all uncommon and can slow your system to a grinding halt.

Laptop screen repair

Broken laptop screens are one of the most common laptop repair scenarios, it is extremely easy to smash a laptop screen. The laptop screen is a fragile component of the laptop but this does not mean it has to be extremely expensive to replace. Some laptop manufactures will quote you hundreds of pounds for a replacement screen, however the real cost of such a repair (depending on the screen size, type and technology) can be under £100. To replace your laptop screen we will need to take your laptop to our workshop to dismantle it, remove the broken screen and find the screen part number, then order and replace the screen. This can usually be done in 5 working days, the screen must be ordered specifically for the type of laptop you have, even some identical laptops have different screens so to avoid delays we ensure we order the correct part first time round.

Laptop power jack repair

Without a doubt one of the most overworked and stressed parts of a Laptop is the power socket, otherwise known as the Power Jack, DC Jack, Power Port, Power Socket etc. Due to the portable nature of Laptops they are constantly having their adapters plugged in, taken out and plugged in again. Not to mention the stress which is placed on this if the laptop is moved about while plugged in, it might not seem like a lot of stress to the laptop user but overtime the inner contacts of the socket and plastics of the socket can wear out causing poor or no connection. If you have ever had to hold your power connector of your laptop charger at a certain angle you will know what I mean. Just replacing the power jack socket can fix this problem and make your laptop like it was new, however this does involve taking the laptop apart and removing the old socket from the mainboard / motherboard, cleaning the contacts then soldering on a brand new power jack socket.

Slow Broadband Speed Troubleshooting

Did you know a slow internet connection can be caused by something as simple as the wrong type of telephone cable, extension socket or a faulty filter. Anyone of these elements can cause an unreliable and unusable connection. Sometimes slow internet can just be caused by the distance you are from the telephone exchange or street cabinet if you are a fibre customer. Or maybe your wireless network is insecure and being used by a neighbor. We are experts in broadband and network diagnostic troubleshooting, we have the tools and equipment to isolate faults and resolve these usually the same day.