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Laptop Power Jack Repair

Faulty or broken power jacks replaced in house

Repaired Laptop Power JackLaptop power problems are usually caused by a faulty Laptop Power Jack. Laptop power jacks are also known as DC jack, power socket etc. Due to the portable nature of laptops, the power jack component is put under high stress during its lifetime from repeated unavoidable tugging and pulling. This stress can cause the power jack to wear out, which may cause your laptop to only charge when holding the power connector at a specific angle, or it may not charge at all.

Usually the laptop power jack socket will require replacement, however on occasions simply re soldering the existing power jack can fix the issue. Most modern electronics are assembled with lead free solder, unfortunately while lead free solder is good for the environment it does not make for durable connections.

We can repair or replace most laptop power jack sockets, including loose power jacks, laptop power jacks with broken or bent pins, even laptop power jacks which have completely broken off or snapped by re soldering a new laptop power jack.

At Milton Keynes Computers we use only the highest quality of tools including Electrostatic Discharge safe soldering irons, work mats, screwdrivers and hot air soldering equipment should it be required in some cases.

Faulty laptop power jack symptoms

  • Laptop will not charge unless the lead is held in a specific position
  • When wiggling the power lead connection is intermittent
  • Laptop only running on battery power even when plugged in
  • Laptop changes from Battery to AC power sporadically
  • Intermittent charging  of Laptop battery
  • Unacceptable movement in laptop power jack socket
  • Flickering charging light when moving the power lead

Why Milton Keynes Computers?

  • Free no obligation quote (we quote an actual price you pay, so no nasty surprises)
  • Free courtesy laptop while we repair yours
  • Free collection and delivery service within Milton Keynes
  • 6 month warranty on all Laptop Power Jack Repair jobs
  • Fast turnaround, typically 3 working days.
  • Nationwide service, post us your laptop and we will get it sent back once repaired