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Noisy Laptop Fan, Overheating and Shutting Down

We replace noisy laptop fans

The most common symptom of a laptop overheating problem is a noisy laptop fan, you will usually find that the fan is quiet if not silent just after turning the laptop on for the first time. After awhile especially once you start working the fan will get louder and louder. This is normally described as sounding like a hoover or hairdryer. If the fan is faulty you may even sometimes hear a abrasive rattling or grinding sound. As the laptop fan is a moving part it is prone to wear, after all anything mechanical will at some point in time fail. It does not mean you need a new laptop however. Usually cleaning the cooling ducts and replacing the laptop fan if required, will give your laptop a new lease of life.

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The cooling channels and fins within a laptop heat sink are generally very thin. This means it is very easy for a compact layer of dust to fill the entire heat sink fins in a short space of time. Dust not only acts as a thermal insulator it also restricts airflow, this in turn causes the temperature of your laptop to rise. Once the temperature gets to a certain level (usually 60-75c) the Laptop will turn off to protect it’s self.

The best way to fix a noisy laptop fan is to use a high pressure jet of air to clear the heatsink fins and cooling ducts, it does not hurt at the same time to give the rest of the internals a quick going over either. It is not just the processor that generates heat.

If your laptop is overheating, making lots of noise or shutting down, Milton Keynes Computers can help.

We are able to carefully take your laptop apart, remove any dust and if required source and replace the noisy laptop fan. We will also ensure that we will apply new thermal grease between the processor and heatsink for maximum thermal efficiency Finally once the physical repair is complete we will run a full load test on your laptop for a period of 3 hours. This will put the laptop under full load to confirm the issue is rectified.