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Outlook and Outlook Express Recover Outlook E-Mail Files

Recover email files from legacy applications or corrupt mailstores

mailWith the rise of cloud services it is now possible to have all your mail stored directly in the Cloud, this means you are free from worry regarding backups and security management. But what happens if you are still using a legacy email system like collecting email via POP3 from your Internet Service Provider? This means your e-mail data is stored locally on your computer. Should your computer fail or data be deleted either by mistake or maliciously how do you get your previous e-mail data back?

Believe it or not even when files are deleted they are not actually removed from the storage medium until the disk space is reclaimed by other applications or files. This allows a recovery attempt of your data. Outlook Express stores mail data in .dbx files and Outlook stores this in .pst files. Milton Keynes Computers are able to recover outlook e-mail files and re-import your lost e-mails directly into your mail client. We can even go one step further and move your legacy emails to a cloud based mail service provider such as Google Mail or

We can even provide this service remotely which means you do not need to be local for us to help out. Give us a call or contact us via our secure contact page